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"Rent a gallery !!" .... "Rent a gallery !!" .... Gallery Tigrel is a new cultural meeting point in Oberursel / Taunus. Whether professional or not every artist, our authentic rooms can get a forum. Our gallery should offer artists the opportunity to realize exhibitions and sales of their works of art. There is the possibility to rent us alone or with a group of artists, weekly or longer, to exhibit works of art (photos, oil or acrylic paintings, ceramics and others) in our authentic gallery space.




Who can exhibit in the gallery?

Visual artists as well as artisans are equally addressed. We are also really looking forward to young talent. The gallery can be rented by individuals or groups of artists. Interested artists can make an appointment after telephone or email registration and introduce themselves personally. Bring the first exhibits or information / photo dossiers with you to give an insight into your artistic work. It is charged by agreement with the artist commission for sold art objects.



The rental period is usually one or two weeks. After consultation, this can also be extended. The room can be reserved months in advance, based on the gallery calendar, which can be viewed on the Internet.


Rental price

The rental price for new bookings for one week is EUR 500.00, for two weeks EUR 900, - for a longer period by arrangement. A regular exhibition week lasts from Wednesday through the week to Tuesday morning.

If desired, additional costs for the exhibition: advertising package including flyer (500 pieces), price: EUR 200.-, layout EUR 150.- In addition, a deposit of EUR 500.- is required, which will be refunded upon acceptance of the rooms , Rental costs and the deposit must be paid in advance. Cancellations and changes to appointments are chargeable. Vernissage (drinks, music, food) costs n.a.


Gallery equipment and our services

The basic equipment includes gallery rails with hanging options, professional lighting, desk for the artists, chairs, refrigerator, glasses, Wi-Fi. Our layout service is available for invitation cards, flyers, posters and postcards. If requested, the printing can be undertaken (contribution towards costs and quality). Organization, invitations, vernissage, supervision of the exhibition and all work related to the exhibition are the responsibility of the tenant, but can be arranged by us. The gallery owners will contribute to the promotion and success of the exhibition at their own discretion. The newly furnished exhibition space has a floor area of ​​approximately 40 square meters and an exhibition area of ​​approximately 70 square meters. Wall height varies from 2.25 to 5.20 meters. For the plan, see Gallery Walls / Wall.


During operation, the infrastructure of the gallery is at your free disposal (electricity, water, toilet, glasses, cutlery, refrigerator). Drinks or catering is possible on request.



Insurance of the art objects is also the responsibility of the tenant. Liability on the part of the gallery owners is hereby excluded.



If you already know when you want to exhibit, or if you have a question, use our non-binding inquiry form.

We will get back in touch with you.

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